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2010年08月29日 林三綱弟兄 以利沙與掉落的斧頭



以利沙與掉落的斧頭/ Elisha and the iron axe head that fell

壹. 以利亞與以利沙 Elijah and Elisha

預表受死與復活的基督 Foreshadow the death and resurrection of Christ

貳. 以利沙與其門徒 – 四件小事

Elisha and his servants – four minor episodes

一. 一門徒死去卻欠債 (四1-7) An indebted servant who died (2Ki 4:1-7)

倒一瓶油在器皿中 Oil poured into jars

二. 先知門徒煮野瓜有毒 (四38-41) A servant cooked deadly gourds(2Ki 4:38-41)

將麵撒在鍋中 Put flour into the pot

三. 二十個大麥餅給一百人吃飽 (四42-44) Feed a hundred men with twenty loaves of barley bread (2Ki 4:42-44)

四. 漂上掉落的斧頭 (六1-7) Make the iron axe head float (2Ki 6:1-7)

叁. 解決實際的需要 (六1-4) Resolve realistic needs (2Ki 6:1-4)

一. 實際的需要 – 所住的地方過於窄小

Realistic need – meeting place is too small

二. 解決的作法 – 砍伐木頭來建造

Means to resolve – cut poles to build

三. 解決的關鍵 – 請以利沙同去

Key to resolution – invite Elisha to come along

肆. 斧頭掉落 (六5上) The axe head fell (2Ki 6:5a)

一. 斧頭 – 砍伐木頭主要的工具

Axe head – a major tool to cut down trees

二. 不幸的疏忽 – 斧頭掉落

An unfortunate mishap – the axe head fell

伍. 門徒的反應 (六5下-6上) The reaction of the servant (2Ki 6:5b-6a)

一. 求告 – 主只向求告祂的人顯出神蹟

Pleading – the Lord only manifests miracles to those who called on His name.

二. 所表現的品格 – 雖貧窮而借來卻負責

Character showed – borrowing out of poverty yet showed responsibility

三. 指出掉落的地點

Pointing out the location of fall

陸. 以利沙的神蹟 (六6下-7) The miracles of Elisha (2Ki 6b-7)

一. 砍下一根木頭抛下 – 十字架的作為

Cutting down a stick and throwing it down – the work of the Cross

二. 復活的大能 – 斧頭漂上

The power of Resurrection – the iron floats

三. 人的配合 – 伸手拿起

The partnership of man – reaching out the hand and takes it

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