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2012年12月30日 金海弟兄 Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind / 愛是恒久忍耐又有恩慈




"愛是恒久忍耐又有恩慈" (1 Co 13:4-8 ) 的生活化註解:

~ 愛是 (1). 有時間、(2).不怕麻煩、(3).體會人的感覺、(4).尊重並保護人的尊嚴

馬可福音 10:45-52:

一. 瞎子的反應 (可10:47- 48)

二. 旁邊人的反應 (可10: 48)

三. 耶穌的反應 (可10:-49-52)

四. 對我的提醒及生活中的操練

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind

1 Co 13:4-8

How are these biblical verses relevant to our daily life?

~ A few characteristics of love

1. Being available

2. Not afraid of being bothered

3. Sympathetic to the feelings of others

4. Respecting and protecting other people’s dignity

Mark 10:45-52

1. Response of the blind man (Mark 10:47-48)

2. Reaction from people around (Mark 10:48)

3. Jesus’ response (Mark 10:49-52)

Put This Into Practice in Our Everyday Life

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