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2013年06月02日Rev. David Krentel Life in the fiery furnace 火窯中的生命




Life in the fiery furnace--why did this happen to me?

火窯中的生命 —— 爲何這事臨到我?

(Daniel 3 經文:但以理書第三章)

I. Context--the clash of power between God of Shadrach and friends and Nebuchadnezzar.

I. 背景 - 沙得拉和他朋友們的神與尼布甲尼撒王的權力衝突。

II. A believer's response to the will of God will always have unintended consequences.

II. 信徒對神旨意的回應,總是帶來出人意外的結果。

III. The benefits of a risky faith are only seen after the risk-commitment.

III. 只有在靠信心承擔之後才能看到信心冒險的益處。

IV. Where are you in this picture?

IV. 在這幅圖畫中你在哪裏?


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