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2017年03月19日 Michael Shum 神的話語铭記于心


1] Please come and join us 3/28 Tuesday at 8 PM on the 3rd floor for a joint prayer meeting.

2] On Friday 3/31, we will be having a special event with Bergen Christian Testimony Church in Wyckoff. This is a youth event for middle school and senior high school students. We will be leaving EBCC at 6:45 PM to have a joint time of praise, prayer, Bible Study, and fellowship. Dinner will be provided. All participating students must submit a completed permission slip in order to attend.

3] On Saturday 4/8, we will have a spring cleaning to fix up our facility especially to welcome many newcomers on Easter. We welcome people of all abilities so feel free to join us at 1 PM. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Ken.

4] VBS will take place this year, August 7 - 11 and the first interest meeting will take place April 2 at 12:45 PM.

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