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2012年09月30日傅立德牧師 “ 妙手重拂 ”


“ 妙手重拂 ”


A. 主爲何把那瞎子帶到村子外面才行神跡?

B. 爲何耶穌醫治他以後立刻打發他回家

C. 爲何那人不是第一次就被醫好?

2. 主耶穌作的每件事都是在告訴我們什麽是神所喜悅的

A. 他關心每個人特殊的需要

B. 他對我們的愛不是一種達到目的的手段

C. 有的時候祂並不立刻回答我們的禱告

3. 我們該如何服事在痛苦中的人?

A. 明白每個人都是獨特的

B. 存著耐心

C. 帶著鼓勵

4. 神的醫治和賜福與日俱增,祂的恩典乃是一生之久

Mark 8:22-26

1. What things in this story arouse your curiosity?

A. Why did Jesus take the man outside the village to o this miracle?

B. Why did Jesus send him home immediately afterward?

C. Why was the healing not successful the first time?

2. Everything Jesus did was to let us wee what God is like.

A. He cares about each person's unique needs

B. His love for us is not a means to an end.

C. Sometimes his answers to prayers are not immediate.

3. So how should we minister to people who are suffering?

A. With a view that each one is unique

B. With presence and patience

C. With encouragement

4. God will touch us over and over again, giving us more and more, all the days of our lives.

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